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Introduction to YASiT Luggage

Shenzhen City YASiT Luggage Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012, is a design, research and development, production, sales and processing as one of the integrated production enterprises. The company has a dedicated service market, talented design department, handmade superb board room, large-scale production department, testing strict quality department, to ensure that your products from design to ship smooth worry-free. Main products fashionable and complete style. The product categories are: backpack, mountaineering bags, bags, wash bags, tool kits, travel bags, ice bags (bags), pencil cases, cosmetic bags, computer bags, canvas bags and other products. We can follow your request (sample to map) design and provide leather processing, production technology can add a variety of graphic products on the brand bronzing, hot silver, silk screen, embroidery and so on.

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YASiT Luggage preferred four major advantages
Determined to become the world's luggage handbag manufacturing high-grade suppliers
  • School Bag
    Manufacturers custom new children bag Korean casual travel shoulder bag boy girl light travel backpack

    Classic leisure style, never backward, fabric with high-quality Oxford cloth, waterproof wear and tear, can be used for campus, party, travel, shopping and so on, high-precision polyester inside, durable, large capacity internal storage space, can be placed IPAD, umbrella.

  • Cosmetic bag
    Factory to undertake custom made cosmetic bag jewelry package bag

    The overall fashion, texture, simple design easy to use, large capacity internal space, can be placed eyebrow pencil, lipstick and other items, a variety of colors, a variety of options, adjustable shoulder strap length, durable, Refined, quality guaranteed.

  • Travel Shoulder Bag YST666
    Manufacturers custom new men's shoulder bag travel multi-functional retro canvas backpack casual fashion outdoor bucket

    A simple casual canvas backpack, special bucket shape, it has a large internal space, very suitable for outdoor travel, short trips, do not pay attention to the appearance of fancy, the pursuit of the use and durability, canvas fabric, waterproof wear , Soft and comfortable, the international SBS brand zipper, China's listed zipper business, the world's second largest zipper manufacturer, closed smooth, metal buckle, durable

  • YST671
    Manufacturers customized men's breasts multi-functional canvas bag outdoor small hanging oblique mobile phone pockets Korean Korean casual bag

    Leisure and fashion retro style, outdoor sports pockets, the use of high-quality canvas fabric, waterproof wear-resistant, multi-functional large-capacity internal storage space, sparrows are small, fully equipped, can accommodate some personal items, convenient buckle, the use of high-temperature injection molding process Durable, exquisite sewing technology, load-bearing neat car suture, more solid, durable, high-quality zipper, smooth not card position.

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