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Bag fabric material and its characteristics

Web site editing:Shenzhen City YASiT │ Issuing Time:2017-08-29 

  All bags according to the material can be divided into two categories:

  One, skin, cortex can be divided into PU, PVC, patent leather, leather and so on

  1, PU, also known as renewable skin, renewable leather. It is characterized by light weight, wear resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, but expensive, tear strength, poor color, mainly black or brown, soft texture, suitable for leisure bags, PU leather Is man-made, there are good and bad, if the bag is no special requirements to choose PU material on it.

  2, PVC and PU are all imitation leather class, PVC is characterized by light, easy processing, wear resistance, low cost, good gloss, easy maintenance, but poor ventilation, in the low temperature will become hard to make twists and turns Poor, prone to fracture, rich colors, suitable for use with fashion, such as ladies bags, cosmetic bags and the like.

  3, patent leather, the main feature is thick, the surface coated with a layer of special chemical paint, all the pores covered, after the water does not go into the water, dry can.

  4, the majority of leather to leather, sheepskin-based, this material bag in the classic models are often used to. We all know that leather bags are the need for care, because the leather bag most afraid of water wet and hardened and skin scratches, such cases easy to make the overall structure of the bag becomes fragile, leading to damage.

  Second, cloth, cloth canvas, nylon, Oxford cloth, denim, cotton, linen

  More types of cloth, nylon fabrics are more popular materials, relative to other cloth materials, nylon texture and tough, after a special treatment with waterproof, durable, most suitable for long-term use, canvas, a thicker cotton Fabric or linen fabric, waterproof, fabric firm folding, suitable for travel bags, backpacks and other strong use of products. Oxford fabric color soft, soft cloth, breathable, waterproof, wear-resistant, durable.


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