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Backpack routine maintenance

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  How to maintain

  During the camp, the backpack should be closed to avoid such as mice and other small animals, stealing food, night to use backpack cover cover backpack, even sunny weather, dew will still wet backpack. Snow can be used as a backpack as a snow hole, if crawling in the woods, shrubs, loading backpack to reduce the center of gravity is more suitable, camping can be placed at the foot of the empty bag under the sleeping bag, insulated in the cold surface to improve the temperature back to sleep Clean the backpack.

  Cleaning method

  If the dirty dirty neutral detergent can be used to clean the backpack and then placed in a cool place to dry, but to avoid exposure for too long, because the UV will hurt the nylon cloth hiking process.

  Still pay attention to the basic maintenance, the backpack is punctured to be immediately sewn to choose the thicker needle and thread is a special sewing pad cushion to be sewn, nylon line can be used to fire broken. The specific method is as follows:

  1, with a small brush to float the brush clean, suitable for only floating gray backpack.

  2, with a soft towel water wipe, and then dry, apply to ordinary stains (such as mud) backpack.

  3, in the big pot for a few days, and then repeated rinse, apply to the dirty little backpack.

  4, remove the backpack system with a washing machine, suitable for cleanliness of the lazy.

  Collection method

  Cool, dry environment, to avoid mold damage backpack cloth outer layer of waterproof coating, usually check the main support points, such as belts, shoulder strap, carrying the stability of the system to avoid wiping or hardening of the gasket and I do not know, , Do not wait until something slip out of the backpack to remedy.


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