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Travel backpack to pay attention to what the details

Web site editing:Shenzhen City YASiT │ Issuing Time:2017-08-29 

  Travel season in the summer, travel mood every day, if you go to a walk away, choose to travel backpack to pay attention to what details? YASiT and luggage manufacturers to teach you how to choose travel backpack?

  1. Choose from travel backpack size

  Travel backpack size determines the length of the journey distance, 30-40L travel backpack in the city to run half a month should be enough, if the field, then choose 58L, but also loading sleeping bags, pots, etc., a little mountain backpack in the function Will be more perfect. Note: The above selection conditions are in line with male, female body small, select the backpack as far as possible in the 30-45L.

  2. Choose from travel backpack style

  Travel backpack style is divided into external skeleton backpack, within the skeleton backpack and soft backpack, girls try to choose ultra-light design of the soft backpack, because the heavy things girls generally can not afford. Men if you choose, then the skeleton backpack is actually good, because the outer skeleton backpack emphasis, back easy to lean forward

  3. Choose from travel backpack design

  Travel backpack design should pay attention to shoulder strap, waist structure and back design. For the design of the shoulder strap as wide as possible, you can choose the mesh material and diving material, as far as possible thick breathable; waist structure is a fixed buckle and belt, the design allows the backpack close to the body and solid, not affected in the activities; There are two back design, one is the use of Sanming grid cotton composition of the triangular breathable system, used to isolate the back and backpack carrying a direct contact, and to achieve breathable effect. The second is the sandwich network full coverage of the back, so that bear the elastic breathable, all-round protection of the shoulder every point, so that the back to get a best relaxation.

  The above is the YASiT and luggage for you to explain the travel backpack options, we can simply based on the above three conditions to choose a good travel backpack. Or by the travel season, to the upcoming big holiday, for the staff to customize a number of exclusive business travel backpack to a collective "said walking away travel."


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