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Custom bags, the need to focus on the zipper points

Web site editing:Shenzhen City YASiT │ Issuing Time:2017-08-29 

  Zippers in the application of luggage, is very common and common. Zipper is a commonly used band closure parts. For the fastening of the luggage, the use of very wide and convenient, it has different lengths of the specifications, the form of closed tail, open tail, hidden type and so on. According to the material and shape of the zipper teeth can be divided into metal zipper, plastic zipper and nylon zipper, zipper is generally expressed in number, the greater the number, the more thick teeth, the greater the fastening force. Then let's talk.

  Different models, different materials zipper its performance is also different, custom bags should pay attention to the zipper several points. Should be based on the use of luggage, the use of maintenance, fabric thickness, performance and color, as well as the use of zipper to choose. Such as thin luggage should choose a small zipper. Should consider the zipper base fabric shrinkage, softness, color and fabric coordination. In addition, because the zipper in different environments have different adaptability, such as daily backpack and mountaineering bag, external zipper hardness mountaineering bag is higher than the backpack.

  There are many varieties of zippers, according to species classification can be divided into closed and open two categories. Closed-end zipper and sub-head and double-headed, closed-end zipper in the open, both sides of the chain can not be completely separated. A single-ended closure zipper is a closed-cut zipper with a pull head. Double-ended closed-end zipper refers to the closure of the two pull the end of the closure of the zipper, two pull head can be turned back or opposite to open and close.

  Zipper configuration in the luggage, to pay attention to coordination of beauty. Now the use of luggage zipper, is not a single zipper and double zipper.


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