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What are the details of the custom bag

Web site editing:Shenzhen City YASiT │ Issuing Time:2017-08-29 

  Custom, as the name implies, is to be tailored, not only to meet your aesthetic, have to meet your needs. In order to be able to better use our luggage to use more functional, but also can meet our shopping needs, so now many people through the luggage custom way to achieve their own purpose, now for this custom design of the manufacturers are also more The more you can go through some details to show.

  One, luggage materials and style

  The first is for the entire style of design, and to figure out what kind of material in the end, so as to be able to design a very reasonable luggage, so in order to be able to ensure that everyone's use needs, and for the use of the entire function of the luggage and materials, Can meet the current trend of fashion, when the custom made of luggage, the choice of materials and style is a very important basic work.

  Second, the appropriate manufacturers

  In determining the style and selection after the need to choose the right manufacturers to build, and now more and more custom manufacturers, luggage custom services are more extensive, but in order to be able to get a better use of demand, we choose the manufacturers Of the time, we must conduct a targeted comparison, so as to ensure the quality of the design, but also to produce the finished product, in line with our personal needs.

  Third, the starting point, functional requirements, aesthetic requirements

  1. The starting point, the purpose of custom luggage

  Customized luggage is mainly used for what activities, which is the primary factor. Commonly used luggage bags, travel bags, briefcases, leisure bags, computer bags, etc., can be based on their own custom purpose of the general orientation.

  2. Functional requirements

  According to the purpose of custom luggage, and further detailed thinking about their specific needs of the luggage, such as travel bags need large capacity, waterproof, computer bag size, backpack is strong and so on.

  3. aesthetic requirements

  People are constantly trying to make their ability to learn and improve, the same aesthetic. Whether it is color, fabric or brand style, is a manifestation of a person's taste. Color can be selected according to their own hobbies, common material canvas, Oxford, nylon and so on, style is also different, the trend, leisure, sports, fashion and so on.

  Luggage custom big knowledge, when difficult to choose, may wish to give yourself a clear choice of thinking is very good!


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