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Bags to buy the basic common sense

Web site editing:Shenzhen City YASiT │ Issuing Time:2017-08-29 

  The luggage is now the necessities of our life. Then we buy luggage, the need to pay attention to what aspects, the basic knowledge of the luggage which have it?

  1, if the purchase of the suitcase, first of all to determine the hard box or soft box, hard boxes are mostly high temperature, wear resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, compression characteristics, the hard shell material to protect the contents of the Squeeze and impact, but the disadvantage is the built-in capacity fixed. Soft box to facilitate the user can use more space, and most of the light weight, toughness, beautiful appearance, more suitable for short trips.

  2, buy leather luggage to distinguish what is leather, general yellow leather, sheepskin and other rare animal skin (such as snakeskin) made of high grade bags, pigskin, buffalo leather made of mid-range file. The leather that makes the luggage is divided into three kinds of light, front and trim. Which made leather leather bags for the high-end, modified surface for the low-grade, positive center. Customized suitcase requires smooth and delicate surface, pure color, good texture, easy to telescopic deformation.

  3, check the package and workmanship. General good quality travel bags more attention to detail, color with appropriate, suture neat, pin length uniform, no thread exposed, fabric smooth without blemish, no bubbling, no bare burr, metal parts bright.

  4, observe the lining of the luggage and various accessories. Lining and accessories in good condition to some extent reflect the overall quality of the luggage.

  5, check the luggage fabric is bleaching. If you find that decolorization is certainly not a good luggage, good quality leather bags are tested, the test with white paper in the luggage surface repeatedly wipe ten times, only in the paper to leave a slight color or colorless Count qualified luggage, if it is easy to fade is certainly defective.


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