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Luggage design points

Web site editing:Shenzhen City YASiT │ Issuing Time:2017-08-29 

  Luggage customization services, the design is a professional luggage custom manufacturers capacity performance, and to produce a good product first to design samples. Luggage custom service design is based on customer requirements design, and for the luggage design must be the right to grasp the specific needs of the user for the luggage, designed a satisfied luggage. Shenzhen bags under the manufacturer to share the design of the main points.

  1. Bags design style

  Luggage style design, which is a test designer creative thinking, custom luggage designers from different corporate culture characteristics, logo features and bags useful for customers tailored to corporate image and the needs of the needs of the luggage style. Style design is the production of various manufacturers to compete in the important bargaining chip.

  2. The practical value of luggage design

  Bags designed after the luggage to have a certain practical value, the design of the first point is based on the company's custom requirements, the second is to play their own design ideas, combined with the rational design, design a special and can play a role The luggage. If a bag of its appearance and then beautiful but after a period of time after the emergence of quality problems, or design ideas can not be achieved, then it will not be used to it, it must face the fate of being eliminated.


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